Saturday, May 3, 2008, 5:35 PM

It’s one rainy Saturday afternoon. I’m not surprised with the falling rain. Summer just got so weird since last year. I’m happy though – not with the rain pouring during summer but with the cold breeze surpassing the heat I feel everyday. YAY!

Hay, since this blog of mine has started I was not able to post here some of the past happenings in my life. And that is why I’m going to update you, my readers (do I have, anyway? Haha), about everything that has happened since this year started.

Let us start with February since I really can’t remember any interesting events last January (except the New Year’s Day of course).
So here..

Feb 14th. – I DIDN’T HAVE ANYONE TO DATE WITH (pertaining to an opposite sex). Since this occasion fell on a Thursday (our Related Learning Experience day), I spent it with my classmates, clinical instructors, the community people, and our (Erik and I) foster family in Brgy. Baliwag, Cavite. It was BKET (Bella, Kc, Ethel, Tin) MEAL’s first year anniversary as well. Woohoo.

Feb 21st. – Our Community Presentation Day. – After all the good and bad experiences, we were finally able to present everything we’ve worked hard for.

March 28th. – After two years of studying in FEU, everything, as in EVERYTHING, has paid off as my friends informed me that they saw my name on the list of students who qualified for the Institute of Nursing. It only means one thing; I can still continue my third year in FEU. YAAAAY! It reeeeally made my day. XD

May 3rd. – My parent’s 20th anniversary. Spent the day at school cuz it’s the first day of summer class. It sucks because I expected irregular classes, but guess what? Quiz agad bukas!!!

I am spending this day doing all online stuff cuz tomorrow will be a day spent for reviewing, practicing, and reviewing, and reviewing.

I have been working for this site’s templates for weeks but, as you can see, none of my works are seen here. Hah! I promise, before classes start on June, this will have my very first self-made layout.

Till next time! ;)

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