Friday, June 27, 2008, 2:10 PM

…between me and my mother gives me the worst feeling ever. When in that sadly situation, the following happens between us:

Constant hugging: none
Motherly-daughterly kiss on the lips: none
Talking: none at all
Ignoring: oh yes, A LOT

Imagine how terrible it was when you and your mom were in that situation. And imagine how terribly sad I was when I was in that situation (once again) just last Sunday morning until earlier this evening. The feeling sucked, big time, you have to believe me.

We had dinner at my aunt’s house last Saturday because it was her birthday. To make the story brief, I drank alcohol with my aunt and cousin, went home late, feeling tipsy for the first time on my drinking career. When I entered my parents' room (I had been sleeping there for weeks), I noticed that my mom wasn’t there. I asked my father where she was, he answered, “Tinotopak na naman ang nanay mo”. I thought they had an argument so I assumed that my mom went out to have her head cooled off a bit (that’s what she usually does). Feeling so weirdly drunk and assuming my mom would be home soon, I fell asleep right away.
My mom's voice and Frank (the name of the storm partially hitting our place at that moment) woke me up. Still feeling sleepy, I felt my mom laid on the bed and heard her talking to my dad. I turned to her and hugged her but she moved away in less than just a second. That's when I knew it wasn't my dad she's mad with, she was mad with me.

The reason for her madness was really vague for my part. Was she mad because I drank considering that my aunt and cousin were with me? I even consulted a friend. He said it was impossible if she was mad about my drinking because we, together with the rest of our bakada, had drank in our own house for a couple of times and my mom, even my dad, never got mad at me because of that. And so his conclusion, "Are they (my mom and aunt) not in good terms?" Nah, I didn't think so.

Days passed by, there was barely no exchange of words happened between us. The only time she talked with me was last Monday, my dad's birthday, because she needed me for preparing food for my dad's rush dinner party. But she was cold. After that, we were back to ignoring each other again.

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