Sunday, December 13, 2009, 3:02 PM

Ola! I'm inside my parents' room, specifically on the bed, concentrating in front of the laptop. My father's on his recliner watching TV sleeping, and my little-no-more brother's weirdly rubbing his cheek on my arm, chuckling once in a while. He said he's tickled by my arm hair.

I'm waiting for ze group mates to e-mail me their assignments for our case presentation on Wednesday so I can compile them already. But some of the files haven't been e-mailed yet so here I am, digging into the wonders of the world wide web while waiting.

Cristy Lacanilao's blog is one of those I've been following quietly for a while now. I basically love how she incorporates in her posts her love in photography. Not that anyone's asking but she's got it, and I badly want her photos.

One day while checking out her blog, her latest entry back then says she had already sent the free prints some had requested from her. I died right then and there. But God is good to me, and Cristy is indeed very generous, I just discovered earlier that she , for the second time, will be giving away free prints to those who are interested. It is limited to two photos though but it's all good!

I picked a black and white photo of a cute little street girl and a photo of girl handling a balloon.

I'm excited to see the prints! :D

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