Saturday, October 3, 2009, 9:44 PM

Imagine when the closest person to you has started to ignore you like you don't exist in his/her own world because of something wrong you've done. Scary right? That's what happened again between me and my mom just earlier. You can throw that oh-it's-natural-for-a-mother-and-a-daughter-to-fight or it-happens-to-everyone sermons but for me, it's getting more and more difficult to patch things in between every time it happens.

It's usual, I get it. The last time it happened (which was, by far, the worst), I remember thinking of becoming vulnerable the next time it happens(which I hoped wouldn't!) but nothing's just the same when the person you do (insert crazy stuff here) with suddenly treats you like a stranger, a passer by. The feeling seemed as though the world turned a hundred and eighty degrees. And I was scared to think that I will be leaving for another one week to study without us being OK. I imagined coming back home and she wouldn't even ask how my week had been. I imagined a lonely birthday without her greeting me with her hugs and kisses.

So I didn't let the day pass without me saying and showing how sorry I was. I cried (inevitable. that's how I am when I apologize). And being the understandable and forgivable mother that she has always been, she accepted my apologies.

I just hope once again that the same scenario wont happen once more - be it with my mom or my dad. I hate the feeling.

On the other hand...
I am really impressed and inspired by the unity and strength the Filipino people have been showing after the typhoon Ondoy devastation. One step at a time and we all can survive this challenge.

Still, God bless our motherland and us, her people.

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