Saturday, August 1, 2009, 7:27 AM

It has been 5 days since the last time I got the chance to make use of the WWW. During those five days offline, each day was a dorm-school-hospital-dorm routine. As I passed the streets of Metro Manila, several yellow ribbons were tied everywhere. Former President Cory Aquino's condition was really open to the public and just a few days ago her supporters decided to have the yellow ribbon tied around Makati Medical Center as a shout for Cory's recovery and to extend their sympathies for her and her loved ones. And to give my share of respect and sympathy for the her and the whole Aquino family, I planned to create a yellow ribbon and put it somewhere here as soon as I get the chance to go on line again.

I woke up early this morning. Ate breakfast and went online thinking of all the things I'd want to accomplish (including the ribbon). I opened my Plurk account to update. The first plurk on the line was Ethel's saying Former President Cory Aquino died already.

Colon cancer has poor prognosis. That's why I said the ribbon I was planning was for "respect and sympathy" and not for the recovery of the former president. Not that I don't want her to recover but the hard truth is colon cancer has never been easy to treat. Glad to know that according to one interview I have watched, Mrs. Aquino was ready for whatever plans God has for her.
Now that ribbon is for her peaceful soul that's now with our God. I just wish that those who plan to run for presidency or for whatever position in the government would be guided with Madame Cory's ambition for the Philippines: free people in a peaceful country.

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