Sunday, May 17, 2009, 9:50 PM

Forced to make a blog post. My week-long off duty ends today and I can't believe I have not published a single entry about anything that has happened. Toothache's been taking all my power. I want my wisdom teeth to be pulled off right after my summer duty ends that's why I have no other option but to deal with the pain they cause me. Or I think I've eaten too much sweets. There were 3 celebrations held this week and all of them involved cakes. Pig much?

Speaking of celebrations, the last for this week, my Tita Pat's birthday, was held today. She invited us over for lunch. After pigging out, we just stayed in the sala. My cute little cousin, Inah, held me a photo album from which, according to her, she saw photos of me when I was still little. Before she opened the album she said, "Ate Tenten, tingnan mo, kamukha mo si Dora dito!". I already had an idea about my then look 'cause when I was little my haircut always involved bangs. As in straight bangs like Dora's. The time she showed me one particular picture, I instantly laughed my lungs out. It was a picture taken during our summer outing with my relatives. I was wearing two piece yellow bathing suit, doing the akimbo beside a palm tree, showing my oh-so-broken-and-decaying front teeth - most of which were color black. And what were my parents thinking for making me wear yellow without considering how it would only make my skin look? My skin tone wasn't as light as today. Haha. I think I was 4 or 5 years old then. Too bad I wasn't able to ask even for a copy. I'd love to show it here! Haha. Nonetheless, I'd love to share this one:

Oops, Diego is waiting for me! We gotta go before Swiper goes swiping!


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