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So I've been following this particular blog for quite a while now. This one's owned by a skilled photographer[1], Allan Barredo, who has this great passion for the outdoors justified by his wonderful shots of different places he's seen (mostly in the Philippines). I found the link from Ishmael's Blogger profile. Seems like he's also amazed by the photos in that blog site. Take a look and you'd feel the same way too. In my case, every time I see the photos, I just feel the urge of wanting to ask Blogger to delete that blog. I'm envious! SO ENVIOUS!! I wish I could travel around the Philippines and take pictures of different places just like him. I wish I could also have the chance to blog about how great that place was and make you all people jealous of me. Heehee.

My favorites are his shots of sunsets, mountain craters, caves, and beaches.
I was even amazed by his Lakbayan Grade. With a mark of B-, he has already visited almost half of the Philippines.
Aaaand.. Just for fun (and a whole lot of embarrassment), I took a shot to see how bad I am doing so far. My grade: *drum rolls* an F. At least I covered spots around Laguna Lake. Hahaha
I really want to travel as much as possible. I love the road and every spontaneous thing it could possibly show me. If God will allow I want to visit every single town and city in the Philippines before I go to other countries[2].

And my favorites so far..and


[1] who claims himself as an amateur. Like, are you kidding? With those perfect shots? I don't believe you. :D
[2] I dream big. Lol

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