Saturday, March 7, 2009, 10:08 AM

We were on the process of discussing our case when we heard the most shocking news for the day. the employees in Plainview Health Center were spending their early afternoon break watching TV when we suddenly heard their voice got noisy so we gave them our attention. From what we heard, they were talking about someone famous who just died. Then we learned it was Francis Magalona. I got goosebump right away. Right then and there, we're all stunned.

Few shows of Eat Bulaga before I learned that he was diagnosed with Leukemia, I already noticed FM looking pale. I thought it was just because he wore make-up that time and it looked pale on TV. Or I might have been right when I was thinking something was wrong with him.

I have become one of Saab Magalona's
(FM's daughter) blog readers since 2007 and I have somehow got the chance to visit her family's blogs (FM's, Pia's, Maxene's) 'cause the links were sometimes plugged in her site. I became attached to their lives. Apparently, unconsciously for them.

I am now reading FM's blog, Happy Battle, which shows off his fight against cancer. I didn't know it was up until I heard about it last night. I just admire Magalona Family's strength and faith all throughout the battle. Now, I just pray for them to continuously have the strength to get through all of this.


Clothiong store, great photos, husband, father, friend, devoted Pinoy singer and composer, devoted Pinoy. Everything a Filipino should arm, he has it.
So long, Francis Magalona. You left a great mark.


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