Wednesday, October 29, 2008, 8:05 PM

Me: You know, Twilight is actually a movie based on Stephanie Meyer's book and is soon to hit Philippine cinemas. It stars Robert Pattinson (as Edward Cullen) and Kristen Stewart (as Bella Swan). Wait, do you know them? Yeah, I suppose you don't. Anyway, the movie is about a vampire, Edward, who falls in love with a teenage girl, Bella. Edward doesn't really have fangs and drink blood. And he's....

I.D.K.: Shut your mouth, loser!

Me: Hey! Who are you to call me a loser?

I.D.K.: Oh, trust me. If anyone hears you, he'll call you a LOSER, too, loser!

Me: And why do you say so?! I'm just giving information! I bet no one knows Twilight yet!

I.D.K.: Ugh. Don't you watch the news?! Or, do you even own a TV?! Don't you get it? You don't have to give those info coz everybody knows a lot about Twilight than you do! You're insulting Twilight fans!

Me: Oh.. [embarrassed] Ahm.. Sorry.. I didn't know that.. [runs fast]


Bwahaha! OK, I just tripped again.
So that conversation is purely fictional (not really intended to insult twilight fans) but it somewhat gives an idea about my situation.

Few months ago, I received a group message from someone telling how she was going crazy over vampires. And her message ended with a quote that read, "You're my brand of heroin." I was curious about what she meant but I didn't bother asking. Not until most GMs I received were composed of "Edward Cullen is LOVE", "I want to have a vampire boyfriend!", "I bought Twilight! YAAAAY!!" LOL. Ok. So I asked a friend about it then I found out that Twilight is a book, the main character is a vampire whose name is Edward Cullen, and his leading lady is Bella. Still curious, I took the chance to find an eBook of that book and fortunately I found it. After downloading, I immediately read and finished almost half of it after a few days.

Even if I wasn't able to finish the whole story I thought it was beautiful and it would be more beautiful if I'd be able to watch it on the big screen. The last vampire movie I watched (in HBO) was Interview with the Vampire starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt so when a former classmate told me that the movie version of the book will be released soon here in the Philippines, I was like, "Weh?" Haha.

Posters everywhere, two words [Edward Cullen] make the girls giggle, bloggers blog about it (you can now count me in), I even saw shirts personally designed by EC fans. Even if the movie hasn't been released yet, Twilight fever is obviously hitting the Philippines. The excitement is contagious!

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