Sunday, October 19, 2008, 12:56 PM

Just one hell of a board. One freaking bulletin board. It had this power of drawing every third year student by its side just to boast over the proof of a very disappointing news.

One student was sweating; striving hard to reach the board just to be able to see what was written. She didn’t want to take even a peek but she had to. Just when she managed to get in front of it, she couldn’t believe what she saw: her own name in line with unfamiliar ones. Then good times flashed back through her head. Tiring days at the hospital, sleepless nights dealing with piles of paper works and pending case presentations, certain fights fueled up by misunderstandings and disagreements, big sighs and overwhelming smiles after a long day full of major exams, goofing around the mall or elsewhere just to celebrate their work-free day. All she, with such gratefulness, has shared with this one group, with this one class. One crazy class..

When the idea of reshuffling was first brought up in the middle of the semester a lot disagreed. Institute announced it was not sure, temper eventually slowed down and gone astray so everyone thought it wouldn’t push through. Then just yesterday, the day of the grade slip distribution, the unexpected happened. One student was crying. One student was angry. Another was sad and trying to put everything inside. Yes. The sections have been reshuffled without us being notified EARLY. All of us were expecting that the class we had this semester would be the same class we would have for the next semester. Everyone was disappointed. It was just unfair that they did a last minute announcement -- an announcement that they should’ve disseminated at an early time because we believe that it was our right.

As I go home, I was trying hard not to think about it just as if I was not affected. Group text messages from my group mates saying their thankyous and goodbyes suddenly filled my inbox. Then a friend from the same institute opened about how she was disappointed by the institute’s decision.
Just this afternoon I checked my e-mail and read the “Daily Digest” from our batch’s group site. Some students have posted their personal rants and raves about the issue. I could feel their anger as I read what they had to say. I didn’t reckon that it would result to such a big dilemma. It has really become a BIG issue for most of the students.

Truth be told, it is also saddening for my part. I have tied a nice bond with my group mates and shared such enjoyable moments with our class and the thought of not having them as my classmates/group mates once again makes me sad. But along those rants from those who firmly disagree, I personally think everything takes place with a purpose. If you are to be drawn away from the persons whom you’ve shared good memories with, be optimist about it. Think of it as an opportunity of discovering and doing new things and when the time comes you’ll see each other again, don’t you think it would be nice to sit with those people, sip a cup of coffee, and just inspire each other with things, good or bad, that happened when you were apart? As you live every day, you’ll come across different types of people -- people who will come along and leave sooner or later. That’s how life is. Everything is transitory. Everything will eventually come to an end.

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