Wednesday, August 27, 2008, 1:36 PM

My mother's been constantly telling me I look pale. I have always ignored what she's saying not because I never cared but because I don't want to reckon the condition she's been hoping not to happen to any of her loved one again.

I am pertaining to my father. He has this disease called End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Its a disease caused by my father's hypertension.
To make it brief and to stop you from being curious, its a disease when our kidneys temporarily or permanently fail to work on its normal function -- that is to remove waste products and fluid from our blood. And because my father's kidney can't do that, he has to undergo hemodialysis. FYI, it is a lifetime procedure that involves big money. In my father's condition, it has to be done twice a week.

Why are we so worried? We were informed that if my father's illness has been there since he was young, the disease would
most likely be acquired by his child, particularly his daughter. Sadly, I am his only daughter. Paleness is one of the signs of renal failure. I occasionally experience one other symptom too. Though other signs don't seem to be observable -- there was nothing other than those two -- I know its too early to foresee that. You may think that paleness may be caused by my dislike over vegetables (except potatoes!), by staying up so late, by bathing late in the afternoon or at night (it will cause your blood pressure to go down), or by my lack of exercise, I still can't keep myself from thinking that something is wrong.

I've been wishing and praying that this was nothing serious, or nothing close to my father's illness or any other serious illnesses. I pray to our Lord that he'll help me to practice a healthy lifestyle. And I hope my father's condition would continue to be well, and that my mother's kidney stone would be gone, and that my two brothers would be healthy always.

Stay healthy, people!

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