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Ever since I started college, I’ve always wanted a nice place to live in; a place where I could always feel at home though my true home was miles away, a place where I could enjoy living in even though my parents and siblings were not around, a comfortable place where I could relax after a long tiring day, a place where I could appreciate my independence, a place where I could be free to do pretty much whatever I want.
Since 2006, I’ve lived in three different places already. Each of them was different. First, I lived along the stairs of a train station, then at a dumpsite, then under the bridge. And you know what? I’m just kidding. ;)

FIRST PLACE: Boy Scout of the Philippines, Office of the Secretary General
(Tin: The Lucky Friend)

Hell yeah, your own eyes are not fooling you. I’ve lived in an office. Well, not literally in the office. There was actually a room inside that office. That Secretary General was my high school friend’s father and that friend of mine chose me to live with her for two semesters. Her dad just wanted to try us if we could really manage living far away from our real home so it wouldn’t be too hard for us to adjust living in a real dormitory.

The room has two beds, a television, a telephone line, a personal computer with internet connection, a fan, and an air-conditioner. No fees, all free. All I had to bring were my own cabinet and bunch of stuffs I’d need. I could also bring food that I could put inside the refrigerator. My friend and I usually experienced a semi-VIP treatment. When we’re late for school, just one word from my friend’s dad and an employee would drive us there. We also get free meals and snacks occasionally. The mall was less than 30 meters away from the building, by the way. Too good for my first time, eh?

The building has dark and creepy hallways. And on my free time, I can hardly go out of the room to go to the mall or elsewhere. I had this prison-like feeling when I felt too shy to get out/in whenever there were visitors at the office or a meeting at the conference room. And there were visitors every single day.

SECOND PLACE: Delos Reyes St. Sampaloc, Manila
(Tin: The First Time Bed Spacer)

A friend and I were rushing to get a place to live in just near the school. School was about to begin in a few days and we could hardly find the place we want. And then I found this 5-storey building. One unit at the 3rd floor was looking for female bed spacers. And since we urgently needed a place, I grabbed the opportunity and gave our down payments to the landlady right away. It was cheaper than I thought it would be.

It’s near our school, 15-minute walk. It is cheap. The room was well-ventilated so perspiring while sleeping was never a problem even without the air-con. It has a cute living room, and nice and friendly house mates.

GHOSTS! Lol. Okay, I haven’t seen one but the stories about the lady who was seen looking at herself in the mirror just beside the comfort room, another lady who was seen loitering along the stairs, and a white lady who was clearly seen by one of our house mate inside their room sometimes make it hard for me to sleep at night or even just stay in my room alone.

THIRD PLACE: Elgin’s Dormitory
(Tin: The Loner Bed Spacer)

After two semesters, I decided to transfer into a nearer and a much comfortable place. I resorted to a cute, newly built 3-storey building. A former classmate was supposed to live with me but for certain reasons the plan was wrecked so I moved in alone.

The room was nice. It was a room for four persons, each person could have their own cabinets, the bed was comfy, and it has an air-con and a fan. The boarders I had the chance to share the room with were, fortunately, all nice. All in all, the place was nice.

The owner. He has all this selfish rules. No washing of clothes, no foods inside the rooms, no additional electronic devices such as radios or computers, and the fan has to be brought downstairs when the air-conditioner is used at night, and the list goes on. He’s not good at negotiation. His mind changes all the time. The caretakers have been resigning or changed twice in a month and it has been hard for our part, us boarders. I also hate it when the boarders at the third floor create noise that echoes around the whole building. They even own freakin slippers which create noise every time they walk down the stairs. They don’t know the meaning of the word “silence”.

Those are some of the reasons why I decided to discontinue my stay in that dormitory. I am supposed to leave on or before the 18th but my father decided to pick up all of my things earlier this morning. So yeah, I have moved out. It was unexpected so I wasn’t able to say my goodbyes to my room mates. They went home to Cavite the other night and would get back Tuesday afternoon. They would probably be shocked that my things weren’t there anymore.

Where am I going to live next semester? I don’t know. Maybe I would just accept my mom’s offer to live in a house they bought in Pasig. I know it’s too far from my school. The only positive fact about the idea is that more malls would be closer to my own reach. *grin*


Tin San Diego is a registered nurse who appreciates serene places, good melodies, and kind people.


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