Sunday, October 26, 2008, 5:54 PM

As I was taking a bath last Friday morning, I found myself crooning the lyrics of Bee Gees' 7o's hit, How Deep Is Your Love. Being the bathroom singer that I am, that was my first time (as far as my memory can reach) to have crooned a song that old. I am used to singing Beyonce, Rihanna, JLo, or anything new, popular, and groovy. Last time I checked, the last song I enjoyed singing before Bee Gees was Geri Halliwell's It's Raining Men. Hahaha!

I grew up listening to songs my father loved. Kenny Rogers, Air Supply, Tom Jones, The Carpenters, Bee Gees, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, etcetera, etcetera. Whenever I heard their songs, I happened to memorize it unconsciously. According to my mom, I used to sing those songs a lot when I was little. I would climb up to our wooden bed and sing as if I was performing. Our bed was my stage and my parents were my audience.

Sunday is the day my father probably loves. This is the day when most of the FM radio station play old hits and I can't help but to sing along! I remember one Sunday afternoon when a friend of mine was surprised when she heard me singing a line or two of some old songs playing. She looked at me and said, "Ang dami mong alam!"

Now playing: The Way You Look Tonight

Twist and Shout, Till There Was You, Yesterday, All You Need Is Love, Let It Be, Hey Jude.
I personally like the hits of The Beatles. Well, back then, I didn't know that it was the name of their band. I only learned about it when the Taiwanese series, Meteor Garden, came out with four guys called "F4". Then news revealed that The Beatles was the original F4 (Fab 4). "Yung kumanta ng Hey Jude," said by my mother when I asked her who that band was.

I think Paul McCartney was the cutest when they were still young.
Haay.. Isn't he lovely? (Oops, that's Stevie Wonder's!) ;)

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