Monday, October 20, 2008, 8:34 PM

Being a fan of the American series, One Tree Hill, I always find their messages (thru voice over) very inspiring. That's the reason why I keep on watching. That's apart from the beautiful guys in the show, of course (hahaha). It also has a unique story. Sad part is that I've missed a lot of episodes this past few months because either there is no tv in my dorm or the tv has no cable connection. Good thing is that ETC is giving replays everyday so when I miss one episode I make sure to watch the replays when I get home. And since it's vacation now, I watch one episode 7 times a week. Haha.
Words in that picture are from the 13th episode of OTH's 6th season.
Got its message?
Your wish will come true if you just believe. :)

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