Friday, January 23, 2009, 2:01 PM

I know.. I have no right to rant about this because I chose to be in this field. BUT NO ONE HAS EVER TOLD ME THAT NURSING WOULD'NT INVOLVE SLEEPING!!!!! Aaaah!!
Days before the first day of our 7PM to 7AM duty I remember saying this to Rhom: "Babaliktad na naman yung mundo natin." Yesterday was our first day and I already have this big rant. I'm not really a big hater of graveyard shifts but I don't know if I can still handle this kind of situation for the remaining 5 days of our duty in this hospital in Bulacan. Our CI won't let us sleep even just for a sec, even while my other groupmates wait for the next hour of monitoring, or waiting for the next emergency case in my situation. "Nurses should be FLEXIBLE", that's what they've been trying to emphasize. If that's the thing, why were your staffs sleeping and yet we're not allowed even for a little while?!
At first I was okay with the setting, I felt even better when our CI told me that she'd assign me in the Emergency Room with Miko for the whole shift. Most cases in the ER would really make your adrenaline heat up, and Miko has all the stories in the world to tell. But, as unfortunate as it seemed, there were just 4 cases, 1 of them was "yeah!" and 3 of them were just "okay". I wasn't really wishing for biggies like fractured bones from a car crash or overflowing blood from a gunshot or a stab wound. I just wanted something to boost me up!
While Miko and I were waiting, we decided to review for our quiz on Monday. After 5 minutes, it caused me crossed eyes. I tried to get to sleep while our CI was no where in sight but she always showed up unexpectedly and everytime she entered the room she always told us, "Bawal matulog" with a big smile!
And now I only had 5 hours of sleep. My eyes want to add an hour, but my brain says no no because 2 hours from now we should be going to that hospital again for our second day. If I sleep, I might wake up probably at 7.
You say "good afternoon" I say "GOOD MORNING"!!

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