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This is going to kill me soon. It's been less than a week and I find myself doing unproductive things in between major meals: net surfing, watching TV, sleeping or just lying on bed until my back hurts. It's like I am only waiting for the meals. WTF. And I realized, these things are getting me nowhere but 6 feet under. Being a nursing student I know that this sedentary lifestyle (the worst type, I guess) I am having will cause me heart problems in general. Not now but soon.

I've been planning things since yesterday. Goal is to stop all the crap and start being healthy. At first I was doubting if this will work. Think that of a writer. Is it going to be another draft when there's more thinking and willingness needed or soon become trash when he thinks there is no sense of keeping it anymore? But I guess all I need is determination.

1. Eat healthy
My friend's been engaging on a high-fiber diet but according to him he usually feels weak . It's been only four days and the lost of weight is really obvious. He said he eats oatmeal every breakfast, avoid eating meat, and takes fruits and vegetables in high amounts. I don't think I have mentioned this already but I am the leader of the Anti-Vegetables Movement[1]. Well I used to loathe them (except potato) but I've learned to eat some recently. Monggo[2] (mung bean), squash, papaya[3], and string beans to mention a few. I do love fruits but I hardly consume one. Well, I'll try the high-fiber diet minus the weakness, because I plan not to eat no protein at all. Just a bit. Starting tomorrow I will start the day with oatmeal/bread and water or milk. No rice, and definitely NO COFFEE (huwaaaaaa). Then I will eat a regular meal for lunch. I will eat a small meal or just fruits for dinner. In between meals when I feel hungry, I will drink water as an apetite suppressant. Would this be effective? IDK.

2. Exercise regularly
I am really a noob at exercising. I don't know the right exercise for a particular body part. I want to burn fats from my upper and lower extremities. Well, my actual plan is just to sweat everyday so I might as well make use of our dying treadmill in our garage. 30 minutes will be enough. I will also incorporate arm and leg exercises.

3. Do house chores
Sometimes I hate having someone doing the chores for us. When I know that someone's here to do the wiping, the brooming, and the washing, I do nothing at all. This is another form of exercise. Instead of having backaches due to long hours of lying on bed, I will have backaches due to lifting and all. Tomorrow I will start with my bedroom. I've been neglecting it for a few months now. It's always locked. I don't sleep there, I don't even do a quick visit. "May multo na yata na natutulog sa kwarto ko," I said to my mom yesterday.

So there.. Those are just three of my major plans. I hope all my plans will continuously be brought into action this time.
and a lot of prayers!!! :D

As you can see, I'm into the footnote thingy now. I got this idea from Felisa's blog[4]. I thought I might use it 'cause I usually have side comments for everything I mention. I don't like seeing my paragraphs cluttered with open and close parentheses. Credit for Felisa. :)

[1] Keeeeeeeedddeeeeeng! :D
[2] I'm not really sure if it's a vegetable 'cause a friend told me "it's a bean". She confused me. But what's important is that I've learned to eat it. It's actually my new favorite!
[3] A fruit. But it used to be a part of my Eeew List and now its on my Yum! List. :D
[4] One of my daily reads! :)

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