Monday, March 16, 2009, 11:48 AM

I am a big movie fan. What saddens me is that I recently don't get to see much movies because of school. But last Friday, since I had no classes that day, I was able to watch a movie I was really dying to see -- You Changed My Life. Hahaha. Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking. I really adore JL and I admire Sarah G. for being a natural actress in a cute way. Well, I won't tell how kilig me and my friends were (and those audience at the back!). It may annoy you. Haha.

Anyway, 2nd semester is almost up and we only have 1 exam left, which I have no plans to review[1] 'cause it is going to be useless. So aside from studying Spanish online, I also plan to watch movies a lot. Well, not always at the movie house. My pocket will get burnt. =p

I noticed the files in our Downloads folder doubled. Before I left last week it only had 7 movie files and now it has 21. I realized my younger brother has been constantly downloading. If we lived in the States, my mom would have been very problematic paying for my brother's illegal act.

So those are some of the movies in the folder (except Saw V) which I plan to find time and watch. YES! Twilight! I already started watching the film but I always click the stop button, IDK. Maybe because I only watch it when I get bored and tired of doing some papers. Same thing goes to Slumdog Millionaire and The Wrestler. I was told that Milk is a very good film. I want to see how Sean Penn portrayed his role so I can tell if he really deserved his Best Actor Oscar Award. Saw V for another screaming experience. I am curious with the story of Vicky Christina Barcelona, so there.

After watching the last full show of YCML last Friday, we saw the poster of Sundo and we all agreed in watching that movie. I remember Danica uttered the title falsely but proudly:

Danica: Uy! Basta panoorin natin yung SUNOD, ha?!
Me: Ano?
Danica: Yung Sunod!
Jayne and I: SUNDO!!

I was so elated 'cause I love watching horror and thriller and gory movies specially with friends. I enjoy screaming and watching people scream in terror. The goriest film I have ever watched was Hostel. Bloody is the only thing I can say. The first time I watched the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre it felt like my heart was crushing every time I heard the sound of the saw.
Aside from Sundo, I would also love to watch Unborn. Taken, on the other hand is not really a horror movie but an action movie. A friend told me it's nice.

My 3-week vacation will be a total bumming experience.

1 A lie. I don't want to risk 3 years of formulating care plans and memorizing all the arteries and veins inside our body. =p

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