Sunday, April 12, 2009, 10:20 AM

I have a lot to blab about but I can't organize my thoughts so I'll just save it for another day. Anyhoo, I feel like telling random stuff so let me do it this time.

I've recently been mopping so hard. I just got back to using the computer from mopping the floor. We don't have helper every vacation. Since my mom and I are both in a break, we have free time helping each other minding the house chores. Aside from washing the dishes I'm also assigned to mop the floor. Believe me, it hasn't been an easy work when it comes to these floor tiles. The color of the tiles makes little dirt so visible. And my younger brothers always forget to wear their inside slippers so when they step on it I have to wipe it all over again. Pfft. I hate too see footprints on it. I'm a perfectionist at times. :D So to save myself from spending the whole day on mopping, I just made my work easier. I posted a note on the door which says:

I know.. This just made them laugh but I'm DEYYYM SERIOUS!!

I'm the new leader. This is about our group that we have for our hospital duties. I actually have a draft post for this matter. Its just not my nature coz I hate giving commands to people but my group's been asking me to accept the position coz they're sick of our current leader. So yeah, I accepted it but for this term only. They agreed.

I want to be a cook! I've been the pretty overused sous chef of my mother. Now I've been wanting to cross out that 'sous' and become the 'chef'. No, no, we're not professionals. We're just fantasizing our home as one of the best restaurants the world has ever had. LOL. Luckily, my mom let me cook our viand for lunch last Friday. I was so happy that I took a picture of it.

The dish was easy to cook, a professional chef can do it in a snap. It looks sloppy but anyway. Haha

PLURKING. I made a personalized layout for my Plurk page.

I'm supposed to put bubbles coz the girl is obviously blowing. Now she looks lunatic coz I became lazy when I tried to upload it on my page and found out it doesn't fit. Cute, eh? I love rainbow. :)

Summer break is over. I'll be going back to my dormitory later this evening or tomorrow morning. I'll be missing home and the free internet access everyday. I'm back to attending patients and working on piles of papers. No graveyard shifts, pleaseee!

Have you found the EGGnogs?
I love God and His Son. :)

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