Thursday, December 31, 2009, 12:14 AM

After the tone, I took a glimpse at the screen of my phone to see the name of the person who, at this time of the day (past 12 midnight), still bothered sending me a message. Or was it just another forwarded quote or a group message? It was him. My best friend. And my heart started working faster.

It has been almost three months. In these three months our sole mean of communication was sort of ended. All this time I thought we were losing it -- our unique friendship that's been up since '04. I thought he didn't want it anymore. I thought I was the only one left wanting it.

Almost every single day I would have thoughts of sending him a message and ask him the hard question: "Do we need to end this?" But every single day I failed because I was not prepared for the answer I didn't want to hear in the first place.

HIM: Bebhez?
ME: Hey. Sorry.
HIM: Sorry for what?
ME: I just don't know what else to say to you. Since the last time na nagkatext tayo I thought we were losing our friendship.
HIM: Oo nga eh. When was the last time? It's been months I guess. Kasi I've been to Baguio for a month or so. I accidentally left my phone sa house. I just came home yesterday.
ME: October pa. You left your phone?! Mygod! Do you know what I want to do right now? To slap you! ='(
HIM: Go! Haha. Yes. I found it on the table where I left it. No battery. No messages. October pa? Parang last week lang naman! I miss you!
ME: I hate you soooooo! You were in Baguio while I was the one left to figure things out! Akala ko you don't want this anymore. And I was thinking you want it to just die naturally kaya hindi ka nagtetext! Gahd!
HIM: Ano na akala mo sa'kin?!! So now you hate me samantalang kanina pa-sorry sorry ka pa! Haha! Am I being punked?!
ME: I said sorry kasi since October I didn't even bother texing you even just to clarify if eveything was still ok between us! Kaya lang all this time you were up north lang pala! Darn! But Im glad nagtext ka na. I missed you, bebhez!
HIM: Imissyou imissyou imissyou!! Heehee! So parang you keep on thinking what's happening na 'no? Hihi. I'm sorry. :)
ME: You are really going to pay for making me cry right now. ='(
HIM: Don't cry na. Nandito na ako. :)
And the conversation continues...
I can breathe now. We are OK. I'm glad we are. :)

P.S. I will allow you to curse him. Oh, I beg you to curse him. Haha. I kid.

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