Saturday, March 20, 2010, 10:30 PM

Answered Formspring questions before I sleep. The oldest was from 6 weeks ago. My apologies.


Would you buy an iPad?

Yes. Only if I could.

ps. ive linked u. hope u do the same. :D

I would love to do the same. You should have included your blog's URL here, or your name at least. But thank you. :)

random question for everyone.. :) ..anong oras ang pinaka late mong tulog?.. :) by sunriseatnoon

Considering the demands of my course, only any time past 12 midnight is considered late.

random question from my friend.. :) mahal mo SIYA dahil FEEL mong mahal mo siya or mahal mo siya dahil SIYA yon?..(nakakaloka.. :) by sunriseatnoon


if you're in high school, what course will you take up in college?why?..if you're in college, what is your course?why?..and if you're already a graduate, why did you choose that course?is that your first choice?.. :)

I am in college taking up BS Nursing.
Four years ago, my reasons were: 1) Php, $ ; 2) world tour. Just recently: 1) I learned to love what I do; 2) i love to see people get well; 3) world tour

what is your favorite tv series and character?

I watch quite a number of American series like One Tree Hill, Grey's Anatomy, Privileged, and some more. I like Haley in OTH, Dr. Yang in GA, and Megan in Priv. I also do watch local TV series.

What is your best means that you use to protect yourself from the sun?

If I would make an "unhealthy things I do" list, abandoning my skin would be on the line. I actually used to overlook the essence of body lotions. Your question reminds me of how much I care less about my skin. So, as of now, I don't do/use anything for skin protection. And, thankstoyou, I will buy a sunblock lotion anytime this week. :)

Why is the raven like a writing desk?

I don't understand. Sorry.


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