Saturday, March 20, 2010, 4:12 PM

Bought Korean Noodle on a cup from yesterday. I stopped by a convenience store before taking my last ride on my way back home. It was past seven and I was starving so I thought of buying something to make my hungry tummy happy. Grabbed a bottle of apple juice and an Oreo. As I looked for anything else I might want, my eyes landed on this red cup from the noodles section that made me say "yes!"

I have this thing for noodles. On my first year in college, I lived in my friend's father's office for two semesters. He had this cabinet almost fully loaded with Korean noodles, some from his trips to Korea, the rest were given by his Korean friends. So basically, he introduced me to this wonderful thing I never thought I would love to bits.

So I ate and shared it with my little brother. He gave me a skeptical look when he saw me eating. I told him to try it. He ended up finishing the cup. That silly boy.

Uh, yes. It SHOULD ALWAYS be hot and spicy. Another thing I love -- spicy dishes.

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