Tuesday, May 4, 2010, 11:14 AM

Hi! I bet some of you know that I recently graduated from college and currently reviewing for the upcoming Nurse Licensure Examination happening on the 3rd and 4th day of July. I'm beyond overwhelmed to still see marks from people who still visit my blog albeit the idle state of it for more than a month now. Though my absence has been obviously frequent since last year, it makes me more than happy to still see comments on my recent posts and messages on my Cbox. I really appreciate it.

I'm typing this whole thing using my phone. I try to stay away from the computer coz I couldn't withstand the temptation. It's like my 30mins runs like 5 minutes so I would have to extend it to an hour or several hours to feel satisfied. Not good. At least here, surfing is limited especially with no wifi available.

I hope everybody's doing fine. Let me take this chance to ask you to include me in your prayers. A good friend, Nay Mia, once told me that her prayers would be useless if I won't do my part. Studying hard and doing my best during the exams, that is. But I still believe that it will at least guide me through passing.

And also, do not forget to pray before you vote on May 10th. This is another chance (might be our last) to choose the most capable person to run our country and help us, Filipinos. Apply this even in choosing your town's Mayor or provincial/city Governor. I consider myself one of the Greenies (G1BO supporters). Pro-G1BO or not, let's respect each other's choice coz, like you, I have my reasons.

Gos bless us all, our country, and the whole world. I'll be back posting again maybe mid-July. Take care, everyone!


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