Monday, February 21, 2011, 11:11 AM

I just got around to sharing the great news I received more than a month ago. After all the unpleasant feeling of having nothing to do for a living while most of my friends were happily spending their salary on items they could finally afford and on local trips & abroad, I finally started my first job on January 17th. Wonderful start of the year, indeed.

This is my FAIL nameplate for work. It should have been "Christine" but the maker said it was too long so she guessed what would my nickname possibly be. My co-workers found it funny and started calling me "Cristy." I said I'd replace it but I never had it done 'cause I kind of enjoy being called by another nickname. Haha.

I'm assigned to work in the Emergency Room of Rizal Provincial Hospital. Though ER was one of the areas I said I wanted to work in, I was hesitant at first 'cause it's my first hospital exposure after graduation and it's such a serious risk to take when you're a beginner assigned in the most challenging area in a hospital. Luckily I have supportive co-workers guiding me.

I received my first ever salary last Friday and I was a happy bee! I went home with foods for everyone to munch on. Though my salary wasn't that high, I admit I felt like a millionaire. :)

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Sunday, January 9, 2011, 10:11 AM

Last month, my mother met this woman who also lives in town and she renders home service massage. Apart from that, she also does palm reading. Curious (and skeptical) if she's really good at Palmistry, my mother showed her palm and let her do her thing..and then my father was next. To make it short, we were as skeptical as we were before she examined my parents' palms. She said my father's disease was caused by diabetes when in fact it was caused by hypertension. And my mother, according to her, recently has been experiencing joint pains (which was true!). Maybe it's just us but we thought most people in their mid-40s experience joint pains so that was a safe line! Anyway, my mother asked her to come to our house every Sunday to give me a massage (because that's what we're interested in and not the future-tellings).

Sunday came. We're almost halfway through when she asked me what my work was. I said I was unemployed. And then she told me, (translated) "2011 is your lucky year." She then held my palm and examined it. I was silently looking at her face, wondering what she was thinking. Then she said that on 2011 I'd be a company nurse and a successful entrepreneur at the same time. Also, she told me that I'd work abroadin the future. She added more predictions, most of which I wanted to believe in but were too good to be true.

I have always been curious about how palm readers can really tell the destined future of a person by merely examining the person's palm lines. And I am just as curious about what my palm says about me and how my life would be years from now. However, I have never thought of sending myself to a fortune teller at the "Fortune Telling Corner" in Quiapo, Manila to have my palm read because from what I've heard, they
1. are self-proclaimed mystics
2. tell people almost the same things as though they memorized a script
3. are only after the profit

Fake, to sum it all up. Ever wondered why they're called manghuHULA?

So the massage service only lasted for 2 Sundays. Few days after the first Sunday I told my mother that I didn't like her service because her kneading was soft and I wanted it hard. Also, it lasted for a little less than 10 minutes only and I didn't even yawn once (a good massage is the one that can send you to sleep, at least for me). On the second Sunday though, I forgot to tell her that I'd discontinue the massage service starting next week and would just let her know if I will need it again. So my mom figured she'd tell her next Sunday but she never came. Maybe she could read minds too?

*Photos from Traveler On Foot

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Friday, January 7, 2011, 10:07 PM

I personally love the idea of shopping. Who wouldn't love the feeling of having brand new clothes, accessories, or even gadgets. However, when I think of the effects of non-stop walking, I just want to sit on the couch with my bowl of popcorn and watch Jersey Shore all day. Fine, I don't really watch it but it was the first thing that came to mind. Anyway, instead of walking endlessly, people like me opt for the easy way. Online shopping, that is.

Now, to save my own feet (and yours too!) from the agony of soreness, let me share a shopping site similar to eBay. In an online shopping website called Become you can easily search for anything and everything you need with just your fingers doing the job. Be guided by their list of Categories or just type in the product you want to buy such as the LV bag you want as a gift for your best friend, the coffee maker for your parents, or a laptop that you can use at work.

I have a confession to make. Yes, I do have a laptop and it's the aged IBM ThinkPad with the red "trackpoint" in the middle of the keyboard (riiiggghhhtt??). I know it's old but I'm done with school and my profession doesn't, at all, involve having to carry laptops at work so I don't really mind. But I still have younger brothers who need a new fast and reliable laptop that they can bring to school for a paper work they have to accomplish right away. Also, they download and store a lot of files like mp3's and movies so a bigger memory is also a priority. And, like girls and their dolls, boys enjoy computer games a lot so nothing's more amazing than having a screen as big as your TV or even your wall with the help of a computer accessory.

So there. Shop without exhaustion! Happy shopping!

Please read the Disclaimer by clicking the tab positioned below the header image. Thank you. :)

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010, 4:31 PM

OLA! After almost four months of being on blog hiatus, here I am posting again! A lot had happened since my last update, which I am terribly sorry for (the ramble from my last post, not the recent happenings). There were good news and bad, happy memories and sad. But that's how life works.

I mentioned in my May 4th post that I was reviewing for the board exams for nurses. It ran for a little bit more than three months. To sum it all up, it was exhausting, frustrating, nerve-racking, and sometimes exciting and surprising. It was a roller coaster ride and when it's finally over, you're like, "Wow, I can't believe I survived!"

The worst part was the burden of waiting for the results which lasted for almost 2 months. Imagine the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach each and every time you think of something that will either make or break you. And with each and every time, I mean a couple of times every. single. day. You know it's going to happen. You can't escape. The date is definite. It's like the waiting is going to take your sanity. It's not even funny. I didn't even want to go out with friends and enjoy to release the tension 'cause I was thinking it would jinx everything.

2 moths later...
It was surreal. A relief. A breath of fresh air. The congratulations and compliments were overwhelming. I was beyond thankful for everybody. If it weren't for the support of my family, relatives, friends, my Pentagon1 family, and everyone I know, I wouldn't have made it to the list of new registered nurses.

Last September 29 I was able to claim my license from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). Let me show you, THE UNRIPE2 FRUIT OF MY HARDWORK:

Someone told me I look like some Glee star. Do I? Oh stop.. (he he he)

Note: I didn't want this to be a long read so I'd save the other news for the next update.

1 my review center
2 I'm still inexperienced and looking for a job so my license is technically still a virgin

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Monday, August 9, 2010, 12:26 PM

I don't want to call it a comeback post because a comeback post is supposed to be full of good news like "Hey! I'm ALIIIIIIIIVVEEE!!!" but NO. I mean, yes, I'm alive but the photo below pretty much says a lot about how angry I am right now.

1. Yes, when I talk about my brothers on Twitter I use numbers. Stating their names doesn't make me feel good especially when I want to tell how much they irritate me coz I know if I do that I become the BAD SIBLING.

2. No, I won't tell the whole thing because this post SHOULD NOT be long.

3. I'll be back with a real Comeback Post


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